Event Calendar

Each month in Be Open, we hold a variety of mini-courses, classes, intuitive practices, and more. These events are all geared toward helping you expand your intuitive, feel comfortable living as the sensitive being you really are, and find your community of like-minded others. To view the full event calendar just scroll down.

Danielle’s Reading Demo

Live Webinar!
August 13th – 11:00 am

Sometimes, the best way to get your psychic juices flowing is to watch (and learn) from someone else. In this mini-course you’ll get to watch Danielle (and maybe even some of the practitioners!) do readings. This will be just like a live demo, but in webinar format. Anyone who attends COULD receive a reading from Danielle, live (unless you don’t want to and that’s fine too!) Most likely, Danielle will demonstrate animal readings as well as Soul Level Coaching® (since, to her, those are always mixed together anyways!). Join us!

Be Open Day

Play with the community!
July 28 in Andover, MA

Be Open Day is a day of intuitive play for people at all different levels of intuition. From real-time intuitive practices to Q&A to who knows what, this is a day to finally let your intuitive side fly! Share your own tools and techniques too and get ready for unstructured fun with the community.

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Important Note: You must have a Facebook account to participate in the community group and the chats. If you don’t have a Facebook account, contact us and we can help you set up a “secret” account that your outside friends never have to know about 🙂