Upcoming monthly live webinars, mini-courses, and live events are posted here so you can make your plans to come play!

April 14, 2020

Community Energy Share with #CPP Karen Dendy Smith

Expert in Qi Gong energy work, #CPP Karen Dendy Smith will be leading this community group Energy Share. These group sessions are so powerful and are a great opportunity for us all to have and give support.

If you’re interested in sharing your energy work with the community here – or if you’re interested in receiving energy healing/work from the community, this is your chance! Don’t have any experience? Just come to receive! Reiki practitioner? Quantum Touch? Other types of energy practitioners – come and share.

4pm ET
April 21, 2020

Danielle’s Office Hours!

Have a question for Danielle? Show up for her Office hours in the Be Open Facebook group and post your question. Danielle will intuitively answer as many Office Hours questions as she can while she’s “in the office.”

12:30 - 1pm Eastern
April 23, 2020

Animal Reading Hotseat

Here’s your opportunity to have your animal read by not one, but TWO of our Soul Level Certified Professional Practitioners (CPPs)! In this Animal Reading, the CPPs will be intuitively choosing two readees to have their animals read. And those chosen will be able to ask a question of their animal. The CPPs will also dive a bit deeper in this mini-reading and find out what your animal is trying to teach you! Look for a post in the FB group asking for volunteers! Don’t miss it!

12-1pm Eastern
April 28, 2020

Animals on the Other Side Live Masterclass

Do you miss your pet that has crossed to the other side? Your companion animal is communicating with you from the other side! Don’t miss their incredible messages!

Join Danielle for this LIVE Masterclass Training, FREE to Be Open Members!

2 - 4pm Eastern
May 5, 2020

Live Readings Event

Join Danielle for this special LIVE Bonus Readings Webinar where she’ll answer your questions AND (mostly) to do readings for some of the lucky attendees. Free for Be Open members!

12 - 2pm Eastern